What Next?

Shocking, I know, but it’s far better to actually talk to me, by phone or in person, first and foremost. Or, email initially to set up a time to speak first, if that works better for you. What’s most important is that we have a chance to get a sense of each other —mostly, just to see if we fit. This isn’t picking a Podiatrist, this is choosing who is going to join your lives together in a way that truly resonates.

After we chat, if we click, the next step is to meet for our first interview. Initially, we sit down together in person and begin nutting out what matters. We’ll talk about how you met, what’s important, and how you envision your ceremony to feel. I’ll direct you to the legal-ish things too.

I then go away, do some focused thinking and absorb what we’ve talked about. Next, it’s my turn. I sit down and begin writing a relaxed, simple, slightly irreverent, poignantly lovely, bespoke ceremony that sounds and feels like you both. Once it’s birthed, I then send you the draft for approval— that is, if you prefer.

The last interview is where the logistical rubber hits the road. We’ll talk about all the gazillion specific details swirling around in your head— and then land them gently into a solid plan. I help erase question marks and shrink to-do lists. (Within reason—this is a wedding we’re talking about). But fear not, I am hopelessly organised and process-oriented. I do my damndest to keep you on solid footing.

We’ll do double-checks the week before. Then, (one of my favourite parts), I steer your beloved family and besties into the right places during rehearsal. Painless practice that I run with gentle-bossy relish.

Finally, when your brain is about to explode—you guessed it, it’s ‘marriaging’ time.

And everything, I mean everything that I just described— utterly falls away.

When you get to the end of that aisle you will never notice my smile. All that you will ever remember about this entire process— is the look in your partner’s eyes. As it should be.

As it will be.

I welcome all genders, all ideas, all the creativity you want to inject— and all happy abandon to the process.